Archiproducts, the future of design is omnichannel

Archiproducts the smart shopping experience for anyone in love with design!

Last week,  in Milan, was held the Fall Design Week and I had the opportunity to join some of the events spread around the city.

Among all these, I’ve chosen to attend the talks “E-commerce o retail? The future of design is omnichannel” by Archiproducts, hosted at Microsoft House. It was a very interesting speech based on the story and the numbers behind the platform that nowadays has become one of the most powerful search engine for architecture and design products.

Archiproducts counts 1,7 million of registered and 46 million of visits for year. They offer also an interesting touch-point in Milan, in Tortona, the well-known design district. The sophisticated hub is a creative location where architects and designers can share knowledge and build together the future of design. A place where professionals can be part of the space and interact with new products and trends launched by brands such as Flos, Cassina and many others hosted directly in house. Archiproducts Milano is the spot where the online experience comes to life and generate an incredible multi brands experience.

Oggi il sito conta 1,7 milioni di registrati e 46 milioni di visite l’anno. Dei numeri in crescita se si pensa a come questa realtà stia incrementando le sue potenzialità online e sia sempre più attenta all’esperienza di acquisto in ottica ominichannel. Inoltre Archiproducts gode di una location unica in città, Archiproducts Milano. Un luogo in cui architetti e designer possono sinergicamente costruire il futuro del design, innovare ed entrare in contatto con brand e prodotti di prestigio tra cui Flos e Cassina. Il touch point permette l’esperienza diretta con il prodotto, passando da un sistema digital al contatto diretto, in cui il professionista o l’appassionato di design possono vivere un’esperienza diretta e multi brand. tablepress .wp-caption-text {
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Archiproducts embrace the augmented reality too, through the partnership made wth SayDuck, and this gives a clear sense on how the shopping online is becoming more a 360 degree journey, where customers want to experience first how products will fit their need before making a choice and bring them home.

In fact, during the session SayDuck, partner of Archiproducts, introduced the app that allows customers to see products they willing to buy and try them first virtually in their own space. SayDuck has created through the app a spirit of real connection that enrich the shopping experience itself.

Archiproducs inoltre, attraverso la partnership con SayDuck, abbraccia e promuove la realtà aumentata. Il cliente oggi può sognare e farlo in grande! Può scoprire, ancora prima di passare alla fase di acquisto, i prodotti che ama, ubicarli virtualmente nello spazio prescelto e ottenere la resa, con la consistenza e la precisione delle dimensioni effettive degli articoli, di come il nuovo acquisto abbellirà la propria casa.


If you want to discover more about Archiproducts visit the website or visit Archiproducts Milan.

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