Dreamy summer homes

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Some locations and homes to keep in mind for next summer holiday.

Summer is almost ending and soon we will enter in a new season full of colors and new tones.

Before going forward to September and reinvent ourself, I want to share with you some of the most dreamy locations, homes and spaces to rent, I’ve picked on the web during summer. Places where time stops by and give us relax and empathy with nature.

The locations that caught my eyes have a mediterranean look immersed in nature and under an intense blue sky. Probably because I was born in South of Italy, I feel that the true aspect of summer lives in places like these picked for you. Some of them are affordable but other are a bit expensive, in any case all are the perfect locations to dream of.

Villa Tea is the first of my list. It’s a holiday villa in Greek island of Antiparos and it’s an ideal place to enter in connection with the feeling of this island and the surrounded landscape. It gives me a sense of relax and familiarity. It might be my first choice for the next summer! I love Greece, the bright colors and the light and that is the reason why some of my next suggestions are not so far from Antiporos 😉



An other location that inspires me is Villa Kalos, a guest house, restructered by using the typical and natural elements of the tradition: cement floors, stone walls, polished concrete benches and many others. I can image myself sitting outside and looking at the incredible island view while having breakfast and watching the sun rise.



This residence in Syros takes my breath away…I feel I could live there the entire year!
The summer house hosts a couple and their guests. You can discover other details of this stunning location here and survive the cold season by thinking of your next summer holiday in Syros 😉 where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Aegean by renting part of this place.



Let’s fly to Formentera, where Marie Gas has decorated with elegance her summer home. This marvelous location is perfect to listen to the wind blowing and to enjoy the long- awaited silence, away from cities, traffic, business. Surrounded by cactus, creepers and enhanced with a white interior and wood furniture the house encourages to stop and perceive just ourself and the nature.


You must have guessed by now that my favorite spots are those with a beautiful light and great landscapes to enjoy summer. And after a long winter who can blame me? I live in Milan and all I need from June to August is a warm and quite location.

If you have never been to Apulia, then you should! You could book Masseria Moroseta a peaceful white stone farmhouse immersed in nature with olive groves. It’s ideal for visitors who want to feel like at home and taste the typical local products and admire the sea view while staying in a minimalist and elegant design farmhouse.



If you are the kind of person who likes to move and never been in the same place. Or if you love innovative ideas then you will like the Modular Floating house, the sustainable home. You can navigate everywhere you want (not really fast, at a speed of 3 knots..) but have with you all necessary. The Floating house is furnished with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and you can enjoy the BBQ on the top terrace. It’s a pocket house create to admire the stars and take a dip at midnight.


Time to get back to reality and enjoy the good things that will come from the next coming weeks and months.

If you have been visiting any beautiful place during summer, share it with me. Love to discover new spot!


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